Idle Hands

A Taste of Fire
Day 6

Arriving at the McGregor Farm, the party meets Steve, a Cowboy working as a ranch hand and the only ranch hand good enough with a rifle to be of use. While the rest of the ranch hands and Mr. McGregor hole up in the farm house to protect the family, the party sets up shop on the Northwest quadrant.

Some time after dusk settles, the farm is attacked by several denizens of hell.

Intermission 1

The party takes three days off to recoup, relax back at Isamu and Razelle’s house, do some shopping, tend to wounded psyches and libidos, etc.

Spark uses this time to acquire an old revolving grenade launcher and modify it into a spell-grenade lobbing machine of awesome!

Illyana used this time to brush up on her extensive Lore of Everything Knowable and bake some cookies.

Razelle polished her Glocks…again.

Isamu continued to be an NPC.

Meanwhile, Evil at the Villa Flourished. Illyana spent some time looking up jobs on MercNet and discovered that the Trade Circle has learned about the Villa and is concerned about having a hellish outpost in the back 40. They offer a modest stipend to have it obliterated. By the end of the third day, the job remained posted, but the reward went up to 500,000 credits.

Also, another job came up on MercNet; with Casa de Satan becoming a stronger outpost and the local mercs either being unwilling or unable to destroy it, some of the demonic forces there have begun to reach out from the area surrounding the Villa and launch raids against whoever is around. One place that is threatened is the McGregor Farm, home to Gerald McGregor, his family, and a dozen or so ranch hands. The McGregor Farm supplies half the milk and produce that Breezewood’s populace consumes. In the last two days, they have been attacked nightly by some force that takes several head of cattle. The ranch hands are ill-equipped to handle demons, so Mr. McGregor puts up a job on Breezewood MercNet asking for help. The party decides to respond.

Party Crashers
Day 5

Just far enough away from the Villa, Razelle contacts Illyana and says that Isamu is dropping her off for the mission. Razelle regroups with Spark and Illyana and begin scoping out the place. Spark takes up a sniper position outside the mansion where he can see into the dining room window. Illyana moves around back to get a look inside. Razelle takes up a position at the front of the Villa.

There are members of two groups. One group consists of clearly bandits and mercenary types, the other consists of acolytes from the Sect of Sixty, mostly female. The head representative from the Sect is a female and she is negotiating with Lucien, the bandit lord. Outside are several sentries, some people cooking food over a fire pit, and three cat-like creatures who are behaving strangely like familiars. There are also three men that Spark recognizes as the same Breezewood Polezei that he saw at the abandoned temple. From the back of the Villa, Illyana notices the object the Polezei brought out of the temple. It’s a large mirror framed in bone.

Spark orders Illyana and Razelle to wait for his signal. Once the majority of the group inside sits down for dinner, Spark opens fire, vaporizing a merc’s head. Illyana follows up with World Bizarre centered over the dinner table. The next two melee rounds are complete chaos.

Lucien is completely within the grasp of the World Bizarre spell and is reduced to a gibbering lunatic cowering in the corner of the dining room. Everyone else at the table scatters like roaches in the kitchen light. Spark picks off several of the unarmored opponents. Razelle gets her hands full with the sentries out front. Illyana rushes to help Spark.

During the melee, one of the bandits rushes to a back room and one of the Sect members disappears into the Bone Mirror and comes out a few seconds later accompanied by a small host of demons. The bandit who rushed into the back room is never heard from again as a hail of plasma vaporizes him. From beyond the back room comes a Murder Wraith.

The Murder Wraith makes for the source of the disturbance and opens fire on Spark. Only quick thinking saved Spark’s life and probably the entire party. Spark opened up an entire bag of Flare Pebbles and chucked it at the Murder Wraith, who saved against all but one fateful cantrip.

Enraged and blinded, the Murder Wraith lashed out wildly, firing his Naruni Plasma Cartridge Pistol in the general direction of the enemy. Spark, Illyana, and Razelle made hasty their escape.

Day 4

Spark and Illyana get up early and head out to do some shopping, but lose contact with Razelle. A couple Psi-Phone calls to Isamu turn up nothing. He was asleep and didn’t know where Razelle was. Illyana visits the festival during the day to find more clues, but only ends up beating up the Half-Ork again.

Spark visits the temple where the meeting took place and encounters three Breezewood Polezei in a white unmarked van who sternly order him to leave.

Spark disables the ignition system of the van while they aren’t looking and hides nearby to watch the chaos unfold. After several tries, the policemen call a wrecker to come pick up the truck. The wrecker comes in and tows the truck away.

After the Polezei leave, Spark and Illyana break into the temple and have a look around. In the basement of the abandoned temple, they find a store-room where the Polezei are keeping a wide array of items. On the floor, they find an item label. It reads “Mirror, Bone. Magical.” There was a street address. Spark decides to check it out.

It’s a bar called the Blue Oyster Bar. Behind it is a basement door. It’s very heavy and has a hatchplate at eye level. When Spark knocks, the hatch opens and a voice inside issues a challenge. After two wrong answers, Spark is threatened with a gun through a second hatch plate. Spark wisely decides to retreat.

Regrouping with Illyana and still having no luck finding Razzy, the pair set out for the Trail’s End Villa where the meeting is supposed to take place.

Halfway there, the party encounters a campsite and several large insect like creatures armed with strange biological weapons. These creatures resemble Grigleapers (Rifts: New West) but are armed with projectile weapons that fire bug like organisms that start chewing on armor.

Cleverly, Spark and Illyana defeat these monsters and investigate the campsite. They find a small glass snowglobe with an eyeball in it, two ID’s and two corpses slain by a melee weapon of some kind. The creatures were eating the bodies. Finding nothing further, the party moves on to the Villa.

The Festival of A Lot
Day 3

New Player joins the group and takes over Razelle’s character. NPC is now a PC. Party begins converted D20 module “Three Days to Kill”.

Spark, Illyana, and Razzy go to the Festival of Plenty, put on by the Sect of Sixty. The party spent time wandering around playing carnival games and seeking carnival pleasures. The festival is an “Adult” theme. Drinking games, debauchery, ordinary carnival games, and sins of the flesh abound. The food is pretty good, too.

After watching a show, putting out a tent fire, playing Beer Pong and Cardinal Puff, incapacitating a Half-Ork that wanted a piece of Razelle’s hotness, and three rounds of Whack-a-Mole, the party is approached by a shady guy named Dorangus who offers them work.

He tells them to meet him at an abandoned temple on the North end of Breezewood.

When the party arrives, they have a meeting with another stranger and Dorangus who lays out the deal for them. The deal is to disrupt a meeting between a local merc/bandit lord and a member of the Sect of Sixty, the temple running the festival. They don’t have to kill everyone, just disrupt the meeting.

The party accepts the offer and returns to Razzy’s house to sleep.

Day 2

Spark and Illyana arrive at Stormspire and go to meet T’Shiz. The Lizard Mage greets him warmly and accepts their delivery. They have lunch and T’Shiz goes back to work. Spark and Illyana decide to go visit Isamu and Razelle, a married couple living in Breezewood, a suburb of Stormspire. Razelle is Illyana’s sister and is married to a D-Bee humanoid with greenish skin.

Razelle and Illyana go out to catch up on girl talk and discover that one of the local temples is putting on it’s annual festival this time of year. Excited, Illyana uses a radio to call Spark and tell him about it…

Meanwhile, Spark and Isamu are eagerly dismantling the skelebot and trying to remove the self destruct system without blowing things up. That’s when the radio came on and scared Spark and Isamu half to death.

“Everything’s fine, we’re all fine down here…?”

Later on that evening, Spark and Illyana decide to go to the festival the next night. Isamu didn’t go, he had to work.

Border Patrol
Day 1

Spark Armstrong and Illyana are attached to Capricorn 3-7, a DDP sent out to investigate a disturbance too close to town. The DDP consists of five members. The patrol encountered a CS Skelebot squad of 10 bots and engaged in fierce combat.

During the fight, a CS Skelebot charged Spark and stabbed him with it’s vibro-blades, piercing his armor and causing grievious wounds. Miraculously (because it makes a much better story), Spark survived his wounds! Through a haze of pain and agony, he used his powers of Telemechanics and hacked into the Skelebot. A brief power surge to the hard drive later, the Skelebot was disabled!

With other members of the DDP scattered during the fight and with Illyana’s help, Spark hid the disabled Skelebot before the rest of the DDP arrived.

When the DDP regrouped, a medic attached to the squad healed Spark’s wounds and the DDP gathered up the pile of CS equipment and atomized it. The DDP Squad leader did not notice the missing equipment.

Later on, Spark’s adoptive father asked him to make a delivery to T’Shiz, a Lizard Mage working in Stormspire. Spark and Illyana took a hover-truck to Stormspire, making a brief stop by the Skelebot and to deal with a trio of wandering Brodkil.


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