Idle Hands

The Festival of A Lot

Day 3

New Player joins the group and takes over Razelle’s character. NPC is now a PC. Party begins converted D20 module “Three Days to Kill”.

Spark, Illyana, and Razzy go to the Festival of Plenty, put on by the Sect of Sixty. The party spent time wandering around playing carnival games and seeking carnival pleasures. The festival is an “Adult” theme. Drinking games, debauchery, ordinary carnival games, and sins of the flesh abound. The food is pretty good, too.

After watching a show, putting out a tent fire, playing Beer Pong and Cardinal Puff, incapacitating a Half-Ork that wanted a piece of Razelle’s hotness, and three rounds of Whack-a-Mole, the party is approached by a shady guy named Dorangus who offers them work.

He tells them to meet him at an abandoned temple on the North end of Breezewood.

When the party arrives, they have a meeting with another stranger and Dorangus who lays out the deal for them. The deal is to disrupt a meeting between a local merc/bandit lord and a member of the Sect of Sixty, the temple running the festival. They don’t have to kill everyone, just disrupt the meeting.

The party accepts the offer and returns to Razzy’s house to sleep.



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