Idle Hands

Party Crashers

Day 5

Just far enough away from the Villa, Razelle contacts Illyana and says that Isamu is dropping her off for the mission. Razelle regroups with Spark and Illyana and begin scoping out the place. Spark takes up a sniper position outside the mansion where he can see into the dining room window. Illyana moves around back to get a look inside. Razelle takes up a position at the front of the Villa.

There are members of two groups. One group consists of clearly bandits and mercenary types, the other consists of acolytes from the Sect of Sixty, mostly female. The head representative from the Sect is a female and she is negotiating with Lucien, the bandit lord. Outside are several sentries, some people cooking food over a fire pit, and three cat-like creatures who are behaving strangely like familiars. There are also three men that Spark recognizes as the same Breezewood Polezei that he saw at the abandoned temple. From the back of the Villa, Illyana notices the object the Polezei brought out of the temple. It’s a large mirror framed in bone.

Spark orders Illyana and Razelle to wait for his signal. Once the majority of the group inside sits down for dinner, Spark opens fire, vaporizing a merc’s head. Illyana follows up with World Bizarre centered over the dinner table. The next two melee rounds are complete chaos.

Lucien is completely within the grasp of the World Bizarre spell and is reduced to a gibbering lunatic cowering in the corner of the dining room. Everyone else at the table scatters like roaches in the kitchen light. Spark picks off several of the unarmored opponents. Razelle gets her hands full with the sentries out front. Illyana rushes to help Spark.

During the melee, one of the bandits rushes to a back room and one of the Sect members disappears into the Bone Mirror and comes out a few seconds later accompanied by a small host of demons. The bandit who rushed into the back room is never heard from again as a hail of plasma vaporizes him. From beyond the back room comes a Murder Wraith.

The Murder Wraith makes for the source of the disturbance and opens fire on Spark. Only quick thinking saved Spark’s life and probably the entire party. Spark opened up an entire bag of Flare Pebbles and chucked it at the Murder Wraith, who saved against all but one fateful cantrip.

Enraged and blinded, the Murder Wraith lashed out wildly, firing his Naruni Plasma Cartridge Pistol in the general direction of the enemy. Spark, Illyana, and Razelle made hasty their escape.



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