Idle Hands


Day 2

Spark and Illyana arrive at Stormspire and go to meet T’Shiz. The Lizard Mage greets him warmly and accepts their delivery. They have lunch and T’Shiz goes back to work. Spark and Illyana decide to go visit Isamu and Razelle, a married couple living in Breezewood, a suburb of Stormspire. Razelle is Illyana’s sister and is married to a D-Bee humanoid with greenish skin.

Razelle and Illyana go out to catch up on girl talk and discover that one of the local temples is putting on it’s annual festival this time of year. Excited, Illyana uses a radio to call Spark and tell him about it…

Meanwhile, Spark and Isamu are eagerly dismantling the skelebot and trying to remove the self destruct system without blowing things up. That’s when the radio came on and scared Spark and Isamu half to death.

“Everything’s fine, we’re all fine down here…?”

Later on that evening, Spark and Illyana decide to go to the festival the next night. Isamu didn’t go, he had to work.



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