Idle Hands


Intermission 1

The party takes three days off to recoup, relax back at Isamu and Razelle’s house, do some shopping, tend to wounded psyches and libidos, etc.

Spark uses this time to acquire an old revolving grenade launcher and modify it into a spell-grenade lobbing machine of awesome!

Illyana used this time to brush up on her extensive Lore of Everything Knowable and bake some cookies.

Razelle polished her Glocks…again.

Isamu continued to be an NPC.

Meanwhile, Evil at the Villa Flourished. Illyana spent some time looking up jobs on MercNet and discovered that the Trade Circle has learned about the Villa and is concerned about having a hellish outpost in the back 40. They offer a modest stipend to have it obliterated. By the end of the third day, the job remained posted, but the reward went up to 500,000 credits.

Also, another job came up on MercNet; with Casa de Satan becoming a stronger outpost and the local mercs either being unwilling or unable to destroy it, some of the demonic forces there have begun to reach out from the area surrounding the Villa and launch raids against whoever is around. One place that is threatened is the McGregor Farm, home to Gerald McGregor, his family, and a dozen or so ranch hands. The McGregor Farm supplies half the milk and produce that Breezewood’s populace consumes. In the last two days, they have been attacked nightly by some force that takes several head of cattle. The ranch hands are ill-equipped to handle demons, so Mr. McGregor puts up a job on Breezewood MercNet asking for help. The party decides to respond.



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