Idle Hands


Day 4

Spark and Illyana get up early and head out to do some shopping, but lose contact with Razelle. A couple Psi-Phone calls to Isamu turn up nothing. He was asleep and didn’t know where Razelle was. Illyana visits the festival during the day to find more clues, but only ends up beating up the Half-Ork again.

Spark visits the temple where the meeting took place and encounters three Breezewood Polezei in a white unmarked van who sternly order him to leave.

Spark disables the ignition system of the van while they aren’t looking and hides nearby to watch the chaos unfold. After several tries, the policemen call a wrecker to come pick up the truck. The wrecker comes in and tows the truck away.

After the Polezei leave, Spark and Illyana break into the temple and have a look around. In the basement of the abandoned temple, they find a store-room where the Polezei are keeping a wide array of items. On the floor, they find an item label. It reads “Mirror, Bone. Magical.” There was a street address. Spark decides to check it out.

It’s a bar called the Blue Oyster Bar. Behind it is a basement door. It’s very heavy and has a hatchplate at eye level. When Spark knocks, the hatch opens and a voice inside issues a challenge. After two wrong answers, Spark is threatened with a gun through a second hatch plate. Spark wisely decides to retreat.

Regrouping with Illyana and still having no luck finding Razzy, the pair set out for the Trail’s End Villa where the meeting is supposed to take place.

Halfway there, the party encounters a campsite and several large insect like creatures armed with strange biological weapons. These creatures resemble Grigleapers (Rifts: New West) but are armed with projectile weapons that fire bug like organisms that start chewing on armor.

Cleverly, Spark and Illyana defeat these monsters and investigate the campsite. They find a small glass snowglobe with an eyeball in it, two ID’s and two corpses slain by a melee weapon of some kind. The creatures were eating the bodies. Finding nothing further, the party moves on to the Villa.



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