Idle Hands

Border Patrol

Day 1

Spark Armstrong and Illyana are attached to Capricorn 3-7, a DDP sent out to investigate a disturbance too close to town. The DDP consists of five members. The patrol encountered a CS Skelebot squad of 10 bots and engaged in fierce combat.

During the fight, a CS Skelebot charged Spark and stabbed him with it’s vibro-blades, piercing his armor and causing grievious wounds. Miraculously (because it makes a much better story), Spark survived his wounds! Through a haze of pain and agony, he used his powers of Telemechanics and hacked into the Skelebot. A brief power surge to the hard drive later, the Skelebot was disabled!

With other members of the DDP scattered during the fight and with Illyana’s help, Spark hid the disabled Skelebot before the rest of the DDP arrived.

When the DDP regrouped, a medic attached to the squad healed Spark’s wounds and the DDP gathered up the pile of CS equipment and atomized it. The DDP Squad leader did not notice the missing equipment.

Later on, Spark’s adoptive father asked him to make a delivery to T’Shiz, a Lizard Mage working in Stormspire. Spark and Illyana took a hover-truck to Stormspire, making a brief stop by the Skelebot and to deal with a trio of wandering Brodkil.



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